The Three Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Chicago Male Strippers.

How would you avoid making one of the many huge mistakes when it comes to hiring Chicago male strippers? Discover what other customers have already learned and make sure you take the necessary precautions to make sure that your party goes according to plan.

First mistake is ordering your stripper on the same day you need service.

Definitely the most common mistakes you can make when you hire Chicago male strippers is ordering on the same day you need them to come. This is never more important than during the busy season when all bachelorette’s are having a party at the same time. These dates occur between May and October.

If you know that you will have a girl’s night out or special party be sure to order your entertainment at least one week in advance if not later. This guarantees that you will get your first choice of male dancer and your experience will be greater than if you plan it at the last minute.

The second mistake is not ordering the right type of entertainment.

There are many stripping agencies to choose from and even more options for customers to order different types of strip shows. Most girls have never ordered any type of adult entertainment in their life and rely on reviews and have to trust what they find online. One of the best pieces of advice would be to order one male dancer from your first choice of stripping agency, and then another stripper from a completely different company. This guarantees that if one of them does not show up you will have a backup just in case. If you are lucky enough to have both entertainers arrive, then you will have the ultimate bachelorette party! Be sure to have enough singles for all of your friends so that your dancers can stay longer. Remember that they might have other shows to go to after yours if it is early on a Saturday night.

The third most popular mistake is planning too tight of a schedule.

When you hire Chicago male stripper, do not forget that you are not the only party that they have to go to. Most companies allow one hour before and one hour after your scheduled time for them to arrive. If your schedule is too rigid for a time window, reconsider your options because rushing the entertainer will not prove to be a good experience. There are many things that dancers have to deal with including traffic and navigating to your party which they have never been to before. To put your mind at rest on party night, be sure to write comments in your order stating that you want your male stripper to contact you while they are en route to your party. This will alleviate the stress of worrying about your entertainment not showing up.

When you have allotted a few hours for your entertainment, you set the mood for exciting and worry free night. If your group of girls is wild enough to handle the company of the Chicago male exotic dancer, then be sure to order him later in the night so when he is finished with his shows for the evening, he can join your group and party together!