Chicago Male Strippers for Parties

Chicago male strippers for any occasion

I was shocked in horror at the first male stripper in Chicago. All my friends have told me how gorgeous Chicago male strippers are, so I could not understand why we were stuck with a fool. I do not remember which company we ordered the exotic dancer from, but his name was Blake. Most male strippers have a reputation of being cocky and arrogant, but the stripper they had for my friend’s bachelor party was horrendous.

I am telling you this story so that you use extraordinary precaution when ordering any male strippers in Chicago. Chicagoland is one of the few places that have an abundant assortment of hot hunks with chiseled bodies and know how to dance. There’s no reason for you to settle on the first guy they stumble upon. Ask your friends for recommendations if they have had a Chicago male stripper recently.

It is not fair that guys have gentlemen’s clubs to go to whenever they want. My girls and I have to wait for specific nights during the week to watch male dancers bare it all on stage inside reserved nightclubs. I do not wait for one of my friends to get engaged for an excuse to watch the Chicago hunks male revue show. Sometimes I make the whole night for my girlfriends by starting the night with sex toy party. A few bottles of wine later, we usually hop into a limo and drive to wherever they are hosting the hottest Chicago male strippers.

Because of the economy and my really tight budget, I have found an alternative to the expensive girls night out parties. My girlfriends and I fell in love with the Brazilian brothers Gino and Sebastian and order them at the end of each month. Sebastian is very romantic and has the body that belongs on the cover of romance novel. Sebastian’s brother Gino is also very attractive but has a more upbeat personality and is very playful with all my girlfriends. So next time you have a bachelorette party in Chicago, or just a girl’s night out, please remember to use Hunks and Babes.