Female Exotic Dancers

Tips on Hiring Female Exotic Dancers

Female Exotic Dancers
Female Exotic Dancers

You are planning a bachelor party and need to hire female exotic dancers for the entertainment. If you want to make sure that you throw the best party ever you’ll need to find some top notch entertainment. Before you book your strippers for the party read the following article in order to make sure that you get the most out of your evening.

1. Find a reliable agency to book your female exotic dancers. The last thing that you want to happen is to have a hotel room full of your friends assembled and not have the stripper show up. By booking with an established agency you can be assured that your dancer will arrive on time.

2. Check out all of the available female exotic dancers first and select one or two dancers. You will want to pick out sexy dancers that catch your eye. Look for girls that the guest of honor will find attractive. Some agencies will allow you to pick out a costume for the girl to arrive in so if he’s always had a thing for school girl costumes now is the opportune time for you to indulge in his fantasy. Booking two strippers back to back is a good suggestion for anyone looking to have an evening full of live entertainment.

3. See if the agency offers anything special in terms of entertainment packages. You may find some agencies that will offer two girl fantasy shows. It is definitely worth the splurge to book a show like this. These shows are usually no holds barred fun so be prepared for over the top entertainment.

4. Make sure that everyone has cash on hand. Female exotic dancers that perform private parties will often do “special tricks” for cash. If you want to get the most out of the stripper then you’ll need to make sure that you can tip her well enough to keep her there. If the allotted amount of time expires and several guys are still holding out handfuls of cash you can bet that the stripper will be happy to stay longer.

5. Keep an eye on your buddies and make sure that none of them have had too much to drink. If a stripper feels uncomfortable or one of your friends crosses the line then she can leave right in the middle of her performance. Make sure that you keep the guys in check so that the fun isn’t ruined for everyone.

6. Always ask permission before taking any photos. The last thing that you want to do is anger the stripper. Make sure that you ask her in the beginning if photos are allowed and when is an appropriate time to take them.

These tips will help you to enjoy your party and the strippers that you hire. Your friends will be talking about this bachelor party for months to come and the future groom will be sure to enjoy his last party with the guys before his trip down the aisle.

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