Female New York Strippers Star in the Wildest Bachelor Parties

The hottest female exotic dancers perform live at a NY bachelor party.

Bachelor parties in New York city are so ridiculous, they can be made into a mini TV series with all the wild things that happen. Female New York strippers oftentimes go above and beyond what’s expected especially behind closed doors of a private party with seemingly unlimited amounts of alcohol.

Throwing ultimate strippers got and what traits they did with which one of their friends.

Taking whipped cream shots off of perfectly sculpted boobs handcrafted and meticulously tailored by some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the nation. You get so lost in a moment of opportunity, you forget that you are allergic to whipped cream and possibly risk your own life for a chance at immortality of recognition by your peers.

I guess that seemed like a logical decision after your best friend just got slapped in the face with a KY jelly coated cucumber freshly pitched from the loins of a highly skilled female stripper in New York. Big Apple bachelor parties are beyond notorious and encompass all facets of bachelorhood and friendship. No ny bachelor party is complete without the presence of alcohol and professional female exotic dancers. The female strippers New York are willing to pull out all the stops to make sure no one forgets the wildest strip show that can ever be performed.

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