Fun Bachelorette Party Games

Although looking at naked men all night has a huge upside potential to a fun filled evening, it will not be the same without the best bachelorette party games. It might seem a little corny at first, but throwing a little bit of alcohol into the mix of adult board games and you have yourself a laugh fest. There are many options for bachelorettes ranging from penis covered board games to home inspired activities involving vegetables and a whole lot of creativity.

Bachelorette Party Games
Bachelorette Party Games

The classic bachelorette scavenger hunt is usually carried out inside of bars or nightclubs in which the bride is given a list of silly tasks or items she has to do or collect. Sometimes there are teams in which some of the bridesmaids help with scams are on tasks such as getting white Fruit of the Loom brief style underwear from guys in the bars. Other elements of the scavenger hunt might involve stealing a kiss from the best looking nerd or getting an old condom that’s been sitting in some guys wallet for a few years. Either way the more wacky the list of items is the more fun everyone will have.

Bachelorette party trivia is one of the best ways to get to know the bride while simultaneously embarrassing her. The questions are all comprised of facts about the bachelorette and her fiancé. There is no filter and everything is fair game to be picked on from the fiancé’s penis size to awkward sexual experiences. A lot of time and research is put into developing this type of game but is at the top of the list for the cheapest bachelorette party game you can do.

The last category includes traditional bachelorette games, sexy dice, fuzzy handcuffs, lingerie, and my favorite Pin the Macho on the Man. High-tech bridesmaids can now download specific bachelorette party games for the iPhone or iPod. This makes it easier to carry around a phone that has all the trivia questions on it rather than cards that could get lost in a bar easily.

Some of the apps involve taking pictures of your best friends’ finest moments. I’m sure you will have lots of evidence of how special everyone acted. Keep everything lighthearted and be sure everyone’s included in the fun.

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