Bachelorette Party Games

Popular Bachelorette Party Games for All Types of Parties

Bachelorette Party Games
Bachelorette Party Games

Finding fun bachelorette party games to entertain a crowd can be a challenge. If you are looking for exciting bachelorette party games then you’ll need to invest in some help from all of the bridesmaids to come up with some games that will keep the bride and the guests entertained.

Depending upon what you are doing for the bachelorette party you’ll have to select bachelorette party games that go along with your plans. Some games are meant for brides that are headed out on the town for the evening while other games are designed for hotel parties. Make sure that the bachelorette party games that you choose will work out in the venue that you’ll be at.

There are a lot of fun games that you can play when you are going out for the evening. Whether you are going to a bar or a club you’ll be able to enjoy these games with a group of girls. The first game that most brides play is to offer some type of candy bouquet or other arrangement where she offers a “suck for a buck” option. Most guys are happy to oblige and this game will earn the bride some drink money for the evening.

You’ll find a number of games that have some type of scavenger hunt theme to them. Some games will require that you find a guy matching a certain description on a printed card; other versions will send you out to perform random tasks for points. These games always add an exciting element to any bar or club environment.

There are also a number of dare games that you can play. These games come in a number of different forms. You’ll find a version that has a wheel and whatever spot that you land on is a dare that you have to perform. For example, you may have to go dance with the bride on the dance floor or ask a stranger for a condom. These games are designed to give your group a good laugh and some fun things to do in order to make your night more entertaining.

Now if you are having a party in a house or a hotel room there are plenty of games that you can play to keep the girls entertained until the male entertainment arrives. You’ll find some adult versions of pin the tail on the donkey which will come with a poster of a hot stud that needs his manhood pinned on. You’ll also find a grown up version of ring toss where the ring certainly has taken on a new form! These games are great for house or hotel parties.

If you are hosting a hotel party make sure that you bring some fun prizes like penis shaped loli-pops and other fun novelty prizes. You’ll find a lot of websites and specialty stores that sell these amusing prizes.

Don’t be afraid to look for more ideas for games online and to have some fun with the party planning!