Have a New York Male Exotic Dancer Make Your Party Hot

New York male exotic dancer
New York male exotic dancer

I live in an apartment near the south end of Manhattan and I enjoy being so close to the hottest spots to go out in the country. I am a young model working for Ford modeling agency and me and my girlfriends have a recent addiction to ordering hot New York male exotic dancers to party with us.

This wild girls only night out began when one of my coworkers turned 18. She had been modeling for five years and has developed an arrogant attitude which makes her believe she deserves only the hottest man with the chiseled body and gorgeous face. It is not too hard to find a man like that New York, but it is hard to find someone with those looks and personality to match. We were both sick of meeting guys in nightclubs because they were too arrogant and only wanted one thing from us. We ditched her birthday party early at the nightclub we were at and decided to go home and order a hot New York male exotic dancer to entertain us for the rest of the evening.

I was a little concerned that we were going to get an average male dancer because we were booking last minute and figure it all of the good exotic dancers were booked for the night. Christy assured us that she will send us one of her best New York male dancers which turned out to be Charlie. As the anticipation for the male entertainment to arrive, I called all of my girlfriends who also worked for Ford modeling agency and told them I was getting a male stripper for Michelle’s birthday party. While we were waiting, my Apartment filled up with a dozen gorgeous models ready to see a hot male hunk dance. After I looked around the room, I thought to myself that Charlie should be paying us to hang out with him.

All of the girls went crazy for what I thought was one of the hottest male strippers in New York and continued to order one male stripper every third Saturday of the month. This tradition is carried on for the past five months and would recommend your least order a male exotic dancer for your next girl’s night out.