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I Like Hot Chicago Men

Chicago male strippers
Chicago male strippers

The City Of Chicago is home to some of the greatest restaurants and sports teams in the nation. Our city has prominently made its niche amongst other urban metropolises. We have the Sears Tower, the Chicago Bears, the best hot dogs, and we are also home to the hottest male dancers alive. Chicago male strippers are by far the best entertainers across the country. If you think that all male strippers are alike, you are completely mistaken. The boys from Chicago know how to put on a show.

Chicago men know the importance of keeping their bodies in shape. They work out hard to make sure that their abs are defined and that their arms are strong and muscular. These boys know how to make the ladies’ hearts skip beats. They dress to impress and are always well-groomed and looking their best. Every male dancer that I have seen is the city is a perfect 10.

As a very discerning lady, I have always had a taste for the finest things in life, and I like to be entertained. I have seen male dancers in Chicago, New York, LA, and of course Vegas. I have to tell you that the Chicago male strippers are by far the best looking and the most entertaining. My friends and I book a show with them at least once a year so that we can sit back and watch a gorgeous man entertain us. Believe me when I tell you, these boys have mastered the art of entertaining.

One of the best attributes of Chicago male strippers are their personalities. They are not arrogant or cocky even though they are completely gorgeous. After your party has ended, chances are that they will stick around and have some fun with you if they do not have another show that they have to get to. If you have treated them well, they will most likely be happy to stay and pose for pictures and hang out with you and your friends.

It is also important to note that you should remember how to treat your strippers. If you want the most out of the experience, you will need to pay for it. These guys work off of tips, and if you want to see their best moves you are going to have to tip them for it. And the tipping part is one of the best parts of the whole show. You get one on one personal attention and a chance to get close to them. And I have noticed that the longer that your dollar bills last, the longer the stripper will linger past their pre-established amount of time, so make sure that you have an ample supply of tip money.