Deception - IL

Las Vegas Stripper

The glam, glory, and shimmer of a Las Vegas stripper can warm me faster than a shot of whiskey on a hot summer day. The harder it gets in my financial world, the harder it is for me to forget the burdens that business brings. Making or losing money is as old as the time I spend chasing it. Alcohol is only a temporary fix which now needs to become more powerful as the stresses of work surmount to a point that cannot be overcome.

Only the curves of sexy Las Vegas strippers can ease my mind. She drops her hips, looks me straight in the eye, and I can think of nothing more than to be with her. Her hypnotic moves put me into a spellbound trance that is unbroken by her peers. This flirtatious relationship is prolonged by the consistent slimming of my wallet. Much like the mythical Sirens, this Las Vegas stripper has gripped every sense of my being to a point where I am no longer aware of my surroundings. I am deeply pulled into her web spun with lust, lies, and enough physical contact to make me believe that we have more than a monetary relationship. I guess I just have to find out tomorrow night.