Las Vegas Strippers and Showgirls in the 2009 Economy

Las Vegas strippers in today’s economy

Female exotic dancers in Las Vegas are some of the best trained in the nation: they are truly the classiest group of women strippers in the world. Because of our economic times right now, some of the Las Vegas showgirls now work part-time as female strippers and cocktail waitresses instead of bars and nightclubs. It is normal for female las vegas strippers who work in the adult entertainment industry via showgirls, strippers, exotic dancers, topless waitresses, cocktail waitresses, or even inside tacky nickel peep show booths end up making a six figure income in cash- even in the 2009 economy.

Before you quit your day job, don’t forget that none of this income is reported so I comes time to get a loan to purchase a home or new car, you need to provide documentation that you are receiving income. If some of the female strippers in Las Vegas were smart enough to save their money, they could possibly buy a house with cash. Today’s academy will afford these gorgeous female exotic dancers whatever home they wish at whatever price they desire. Cash money is lavishly spent on frivolous nightclub dresses and fancy burlesque stripper outfits. It is not uncommon for Las Vegas stripper to spend most of her money on alcohol, gambling, or extravagant dinners with just the girls.

Making more money for a female stripper Las Vegas just means they’ll have that much better over time later that night after their shift is over. Contributing to the annual income a female stripper makes goes back directly into the economy as spent discretionary income. In a deflationary market with a higher goods to dollar ratio, spending habits of the average female exotic dancer has increased therefore creating a natural ‘stimulus package’. So now when someone asks you why you frequent the strip clubs and waste your money on female strippers in Las Vegas, you can reply that you are helping boost the economy! LOL :)

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