Los Angeles Exotic Dancers

LA exotic dancers
LA exotic dancers

I have traveled to a dozen different cities and have frequented almost 100 different gentlemen’s clubs. Assessing the talent of local strippers in multiple locations is easy to do once you develop a process. Cities that have a larger population have a better chance of having better looking strippers than areas of the country with lower populations. By sheer numbers, Los Angeles exotic dancers are the best looking and most requested to perform.

Exotic dancers in Los Angeles have big stripper shoes to fill because of the high demand for entertainment in the city. Many of the girls that perform inside local gentlemen’s clubs also entertain guests at private bachelor parties throughout California. Some of the girls travel as far as 100 miles from Los Angeles to meet the demand for their special talent.

You are lucky to have a bachelor party in LA. Many of the Los Angeles exotic dancers are aspiring actresses who need to dance to make ends meet. Some Hollywood movie stars were discovered from strip clubs or bars. Imagine telling your friends that the girl that is currently starring in a blockbuster movie was the female stripper who gave you a lap dance on your special night.

Besides providing perfect eye candy for you and your friends, the LA female dancers have amazing personalities and are easy to talk to. I do not like walking into a strip club just to be hassled for my money. When I bring my colleagues out to a Los Angeles club, I like them to feel comfortable and choose whichever dancer they want for the evening rather than be treated like a dollar sign to the girls that work there. I mention this because last time I went to a New York strip club; the girls that worked there continued to ask us for private strip shows at a frequency that made it annoying. This is why I nominate the LA exotic dancers as the most professional girls in the industry.

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