Male Stripper

I can’t believe I had a dream about a male stripper last night. I blame my friend Rachel who had a gentleman dancer entertain the ladies last night. Perhaps it could have been the wine, but I think it was the way Jake made eye contact with me while he performed. I don’t remember the stripper’s name, but he did look a lot like this boy Jake and I used to date in high school.

I am a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, but for some reason I found myself as a horny Southern Belle wearing a tight corset, huge curly wig, and poofy panties that would make grandma jealous. I was transported back in time as I found the old town that me and my girlfriends were in was very bourgeoisie. Tall, well groomed gentleman wore very distinguished business suits that wanted to tear off and expose their hard chiseled bodies. I was discovered checking out the gorgeous men by the town’s sheriff, who handcuffed me and brought me to his station for questioning. His stern voice and macho swagger made me eager for him to punish me.

Not a tear was shed when my ruffled panties were violently torn off and Jake’s large hands gripped my hips tightly. I knew I was inside of the sheriff’s office, but my face felt warm as if sunlight were caressing it. Morning was approaching and Jake has been working on me all night.

I woke up, and just like reality, my lover stopped before I had a chance to finish. I had to smile because the sheriff in my dream was one of the hot Los Angeles male strippers at Rachel’s party. I usually don’t remember too many dreams, but this one definitely gave me an idea for next year’s Halloween outfit.