Simple Steps to Planning a Bachelorette Party in Chicago

Nothing is like the blistering Chicago heat to put your senses on overload. Planning a bachelorette party in the Windy City has its pros and cons. Sometimes the heat and humidity creates heat indices above 100°. Put your fears to rest because the next few simple steps outlined in this post will help you be better prepared for the best times of year in Chicagoland.

Pick a date for the party in which everyone can attend.

Chicago bachelorette party locationsStep number one. The more people you can invite to a Chi town hen party, the more fun you’ll have including possible discounts into bars and nightclubs. Most bars pay promoters money to get groups of good-looking girls into their establishment. Instead of paying promoters, you can contact the bar and tell them your intentions to stay at the bar the entire night with a group of 20 to 30 of your hottest friends. Not only will you get into the bar free of charge, they may comp you a free bottle and a private table.

It is not recommended to go out during the weekdays because most people do not want to drink heavily -then wake up early with a hangover and work all day. Most bachelorette parties in Chicago begin around 6 o’clock on Saturday with dinner or some other private venue with catered food. Be sure to have a schedule printed up if you travel from bar to dance club in case one of your guests needs to meet you at a later time.

Choose the best location and private room.

Step number two. Some of your friends may live in the surrounding suburbs around Chicago and may not want to drive home after a huge girl’s night out. There is a wide range of hotels in both prices and quality. Bachelorettes on a budget will do well at a Hilton or Comfort suites. If you are looking for something higher end, you can rent a room at the Drake Hotel or the W on Lakeshore Drive overlooking Lake Michigan. Be sure to notify the hotel that you are having a loud party so that they can arrange your room farther away from guests who may want to sleep that evening.

Get a headcount through emails and collect all money before the party date.

Chicago male stripper
Don’t let this happen to you

Step number three. The more girls you have with you on your adventure, the cheaper your total cost per person will be. It is almost impossible to collect money after the party has happened so be sure that everyone is paid up before the party date. If your guest of honor is feeling a little wild, be sure to order a Chicago male stripper that knows how to entertain. There are many agencies in Illinois than any other state in the country. Be sure to do your research on which guy you are getting or else you’ll get a rendition of Chris Farley’s version of stripping from Saturday Night Live.

The more prepared you are, the less stress you will have.

Final step. Most party planners do not get to enjoy the fruits of their labor planning a bachelorette party in Chicago. With so much stress worrying about what can go wrong, it is hard to enjoy what is going on around you. Some of your best friends may not even think twice about thinking you were appreciating all the hard work and planning you put into the party. Not everything will be perfect so try not to plan everything by the minute. Sometimes special events like visiting a transsexual cross-dressing strip club like Baton Club may not prove as exciting as it sounds on paper. Since it is the bachelorette’s night, she may want to leave early and go to her favorite bar.

Having contingent plans like alternate bars or restaurants in your back pocket will help the night go smoother instead of wasting time arguing about the next place to go to. Since you are the head of party planning, you have more authority in making the final decision where to go.

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