St. Louis Bachelorette Parties

I was recently asked by a good friend of mine to throw a bachelorette party in St. Louis, even though I’ve never traveled to Missouri. I know you cannot have a memorable bachelorette party without having hot male strippers to entertain everyone. My best friend Cindy is very picky so I knew that I had to have the hottest hunks show up to the party. She was also concerned that her fianc√© was having his bachelor party in St. Louis and did not want him to have a better time. I was having lunch the other day and overheard some girls talking about how much fun they had with male exotic dancers from a company called Hunks and Babes.

I walked over to their table to ask them about how I can contact the stripping agency they used and told me that they had a website. Another girl continued to pull out a digital camera from her purse and showed me pictures of the St. Louis male strippers that performed at their show. They ordered Tyson and David, but really liked David because of his amazing personality. They said he performed crazy tricks that they wish their boyfriends would learn. I was sold animatedly went home to go online and browse their online catalog of hot men.

I spoke to one of the phone girls at were friendly and helpful enough to coordinate entertainment for many girls. She guaranteed that I would have the most memorable bachelorette party in St. Louis. David was booked up for the night that we wanted him, so I got my next pick which was Alex.

Alex showed up as a fireman in through my best friend over his shoulder, then threw her in a chair. He ripped off his helmet and slowly unbuckled his fireman coat to expose his hard chiseled body. All the girls were screaming his name as his pants came off and the rest I will leave up to your imagination. You’re just going to have to order him to find out how really good he is. Needless to say, I would like to thank H & B entertainment for providing reliable gentlemen to create the most successful St. Louis bachelorette party in history.