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Start Your Bachelor Party with Las Vegas Strippers to Your Room

If you are lucky enough to plan a bachelor party for your best friend, then why not experience the ultimate bachelor party in Las Vegas. Sure the Academy might be week and your friends might not have enough money but the good news is that tickets are cheaper and some strip clubs will give you massive group discounts. Hotels will be more than willing to accommodate you but do not tell them you’ll be spending your time frequenting the Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. In order for you to get a great deal on your hotel room, you have to make the hotel believe that you will be gambling in their casinos, not patronizing the local female talent.

There is nothing wrong with drinking and excess, gambling until you lose all of your money, and eating the buffets until they kick you out. I would personally recommend going to see some comedy shows, magic acts, or other things you might not see locally. Most guys would dream of having a bachelor party in Las Vegas and even fewer guys plan it. You’ll have to battle all of your friends excuses such as are wiser girlfriends won’t let them or they don’t have the money. You can’t take your money with you when you die and you may only go to a dozen bachelor parties in your lifetime.

Hit it off right the first time and order Las Vegas strippers to your room. Start planning right now by going online and browsing the hottest girls in Nevada who are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. Vegas is the international adult playground capital and attracts the most prestigious talent. There are many activities you can do with a private Vegas stripper that you can’t do with them inside of a strip club with bouncers watching. It is highly recommended to order at least two strippers one week before you arrive. There is always a chance of having one of the dancers’ no-show and hundred percent at least one of the two will make it to your room. If both of the girls arrive at the same time, it is your duty as a man to try and talk them into doing a two girl lesbian show.

Spare no expense is this is the last weekend your best friend will be single. Want to make sure everyone has a phenomenal time and having private strippers in your hotel room is a great way to kick off a great vibe. There are strip clubs in Vegas such as Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino which are tens of thousands of square feet with hundreds of strippers working at any given time. Your problem is going to be that there are too many dancers to choose from. Luckily if you call that had, you can get a discount on bottle service or drinks and have enough extra money to spend on lap dances or private strip shows. Hope you enjoy your time in Vegas and remember to give us your story!