Top Vegas Bachelor Party Tips

Planning your best friend’s once-in-a-lifetime event is critical and almost impossible without these important Vegas bachelor party tips. Hit movies like the ‘Hangover’ have dramatically increased the desire to have a Las Vegas bachelor party as an alternative to the run-of-the-mill barhopping in local towns. The following tips are compiled recommendations from other guys that have taken the journey and have succeeded.

Make plans now rather than the week before you go. Don’t forget that your friends have to take time off of work and might need more than a week’s notice. It is easier to have everyone book their own airfare online and then send you cash or check to pay for the hotel. You can use your own credit card to get the points or miles and then paid off with the cash you get from your friends.

Vegas Bachelor Party Tips
Vegas Bachelor Party Tips

Part of the planning process should include cover fees for bars and gentleman’s clubs. You should also remind her friends that they should have a large amount of singles to tip all of the nude women with perfect bodies they’ll never get to see again (unless they’re not married yet). A great recommendation is to order at least one Vegas gentlemen’s clubs.

Do not book your hotel until you have received price quotes from at least three different hotels. Be sure to tell the concierge that you are bringing a large group of money spending friends so they can tell you about their special deals. Don’t forget that hotels receive commission for referring business to local entertainment agencies such as strip clubs and bars. Certain gentlemen’s clubs give hotels the ability to comp large groups of guys so be sure to ask for these deals. The money you save by making deals over the phone could be spent on prolonging the entertainment you receive when you are in Vegas.

It is not a bright idea to rent a car because no one in your group will be sober enough to drive it. Most of the walk to destinations throughout Vegas, but if you want to make it easier on everyone, you can book a limo service or taxi bus to transport your friends.

One great Vegas bachelor party tip is to reserve a table and one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas if you plan on going out on a Saturday night. Most guys don’t plan this far ahead and randomly eat when they are hungry. It not only changes the tempo to give you guys more rest in between drinking and strippers, it adds a special moment to a fast-paced weekend that potentially could be hard to remember.