Top Reasons for Ordering Strippers

Throwing a party can be hard work for any occasion. Staying on top of your budget, timeline, invitations, reservations, and choice of venues can be overwhelming. Keeping in mind why you are ordering strippers during the party planning process will help you stay focused when doubts enter your mind.

The first reason is when you plan a bachelor party.

Bachelor Party ReasonSometimes the only thing that separates a regular night out from a man’s last night out of being single for the rest of his life is the involvement of gorgeous hire strippers to make him happy which includes touching and basically having his fantasy come to life. The other option is ordering strippers to torture and torment the groom so that you and all of your friends will have stories to make fun of for the rest of your lives. He may not like the embarrassment or tricks played on him, but it will be worth the ability to bring up what happened to him for a future laugh.

The second reason is having entertainment for a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party ReasonGirls who order male strippers for a bachelorette party do it for a different reason than guys. Instead of having a male exotic dancer perform as a bachelorette’s fantasy fling, he instead performs as a novelty to make the entire audience laugh. Most strip routines at a bachelorette party a very innocent and do not involve fully nude dancing. Guys will place the honored guest into multiple sexual positions while wearing his thong. Humor and tactful playfulness is paramount to having a successful party and having a stripper perform for your guest will make for a memorable night. Unlike their bachelor party counterparts who have more than one dancer, bachelorette parties only have one guy perform a 30 to 45 minute routine show. Girls are a little bit more thoughtful and planning a night out for their special friend. Renting a fancy hotel room, catering expensive food, reserving a fully stocked limo, and cliché penis cakes or decorations are all incorporated into the evening’s agenda. The only regretful party mistake that is talked about is parties that did not get a male stripper for entertainment.

Ordering strippers for birthday parties is one of the third most popular reasons.

Nothing is more hilarious than the look on grandma or grandpa’s face when they experience a stripper for their 60th birthday party. Having a stripper perform at a birthday party is not only memorable for that person; it is also a party all of your guests will remember also. It is more common for anyone to order a stripper for a benchmark birthday such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc. it is not recommended to order a stripper for someone who is over the age of 60 years old for health reasons. Make sure your guest has a healthy enough cardiovascular system to handle the elevated heart rate when viewing these beautiful guys or girls.

Lastly, entertainment for divorce parties, girls’ night out, or guys’ night out.

Sometimes people feel bad when they see one of their friends go through a tough divorce and want to help. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to order a divorce party stripper to revive that newly single feeling. An exotic dancer can kick start that confident feeling you had before you got married. ‘Just because’ reasons for ordering adult entertainment can be the wildest parties of all because the guests usually consist of all single people who are ready for a no holds bar night.

So in conclusion, whether you are a professional party planner who uses strippers for the peak of entertainment at each event or a first timer that would just like to have a successful night, ordering a stripper to your plans will be the best addition you can make.