The Best Adult Toy Parties

What constitutes the best adult toy parties? More oftentimes the toy parties are boring and pathetic attempts to sell overpriced dildos and vibrators. Flavored condoms are not new but are over exaggerated as the best by every adult toy party saleswoman. They don’t tell you that your man will never wear it because it is three times as thick as a normal condom. So if everybody sells the same adult toys at the same high-priced markup, the one thing that makes the party great is the location and the saleswoman throwing the party.

Adult Toy Parties
Adult Toy Parties

Most toy parties are held inside of one of the local neighborhood housewives homes. Studies have shown it is best to sell unfamiliar products within familiar settings to increase sales. The location is critical for creating a comfortable atmosphere in which learning about each individual product is a comfortable experience. Some girls feel naughty or uncomfortable talking about exotic toys and pleasuring themselves but found it was easy to do so with a trusted group of friends who are sharing their experiences.

Another common place to throw a toy party (but less frequent than a home) would be inside of a hotel room. These parties run exactly the same way the parties inside of houses go, except they are preceded usually by one or more exotic male strippers. Mix in some Masculine, chiseled bodies with handsome faces and large adult toys to yield the perfect combination for a successful party. Most girls including myself rely on a stripping agency as large as Hunks and Babes strippers to provide reliable carefree entertainment. It is fun to choose from a large selection of well-trained and perfectly groomed male exotic dancers. It is fun to get all the girls from the party involved in choosing the perfect male dancer. I usually e-mail them the top three choices of guys to perform a male Revue show style striptease for the group.

If you’re worried about cost or the ability to afford high-quality strippers, H and B Entertainment does offer big discounts for frequent buyers. I have suggested an exotic dancer discount club card but realized their ordering system remembers all the customers and notes are kept as to who buys which packages. This saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to clip coupons or look for codes before placing order. Every, second Christy she always gives me the best deals and hooks me up with the best looking male strippers you will ever find.

Adult toy parties are great thing to do during a bachelorette party. This is a great way to fully equip the bride to be with all of the tools she needs to make your honeymoon a night she will never forget. Lingerie is almost never sold at these adult parties sue might want to hit up Victoria’s Secret if that’s what you’re looking to get the guest of honor. Some high-end adult toys can be very expensive and might be a good idea to pitch in with another guest to put your money together and by really fancy toy for the bride to be. I hope these bachelorette party ideas helped and would appreciate any feedback you have about your recent toy party experiences.

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