Bachelor Party in Virginia

I am by no means a bachelor party expert, but I do know quality bachelor party when I see one.

There are very few strippers that have the total perfect package which includes having a great body, cute face, and outstanding personality. Most strippers just have one or two out of the three qualities which I believe are important.

My friends bachelor party in Virginia was one to go down in history books. My friend John finishes internship for becoming a doctor at a hospital in Richmond. His coworkers are all rich doctors who needed an excuse television have a good time. They managed to schedule time off and plan for the ultimate bachelor party with an unlimited budget. Needless to say, they spent most of their money on hot strippers and top shelf liquor for the event.

This Virginia bachelor party was to be held at my place since it was a central location to all of the guests who arrive. After talking to a few friends and random people I met at bars, I’ve decided to use a stripping agency known for having the hottest most experienced female entertainers. I heard nothing but good things about hunks and babes strippers. I tried speaking with owners of other strip agencies who left me uncomfortable and suspicious of their business practices.

The last thing that I want to do is get stuck with a fat or ugly stripper. Since monetary resources were of abundance, it was on my shoulders to throw the most successful bachelor party in Virginia. The staffing at hunks and babes was always very helpful and was able to help me determine which girls were going to perform well for my party. I ended up ordering six strippers with a special platinum package which included fantasy shows.

I’m going to skip all the details at risk of keeping this letter short and retaining its PG rating. All my friends had a blast and still thank me to this day for using the company that I did. So next time you have a bachelor party in Virginia, be sure to use hunks and babes strippers to make it perfect!