Wild Bachelor Party in Virginia

Virginia Bachelor Party
Virginia Bachelor Party

I just recently had a bachelor party in Virginia just before Christmas. The party went amazing and everybody had a great time, but before then it was pretty stressful planning. I first had to pick a time that all my buddies had off of work because they are in the union and work in the trades. Most of the busy season is during the summertime when construction is at its peak. I had to wait until business slow down around Christmas time where they were off of work anyways. So once I decided to have the party before the second week of December, the next thing was to find the location.

We decided to use my house because of my large basement that was just refinished last year. I spent more money than I should have on the sound system including five sub offers and 12 speakers. One of our friends was a DJ who brought his laptop and lighting system to connect and sync up with my sound system. I had a full bar in the basement which was stocked almost as well as a small restaurant. My wife didn’t like the idea at first of having a stripper pole in the basement, but it did enhance our relationship and served as a neat prop for my friend’s bachelor party in Richmond Virginia.

I don’t know why I remember this but and I took a trip to the Eastern Caribbean a few years ago I spoke with the man who used to live in New Jersey who told me about Hunks and Babes strippers. He had the most amazing story of the strippers that looked like models, were super tan, and smelled like angels. He built up his experience so much, and told that with so much detail, I had to use the same stripping agency for any bachelor party that came up. I search for the company online and found them very easily. The girls looked really good to choose from and were a wide variety. I like the strippers that looked young and model-esque all my other buddies liked the curvy more voluptuous big breasted strippers.

I ended up ordering was called the platinum package which included six gorgeous female strippers. The crowd was warmed up with two topless waitresses both dressed like Playboy bunnies. These gave a chance for my buddies to warm-up and have a few drinks to help them relax and get into the mood. I had a blonde bombshell and cute redhead perform two topless strip teases which lasted over two hours and get the guys really riled up. One of the girls brought a bag of toys that included power tool attachments. One of my nerdy friends was more concerned about the brand name drill the Virginia female exotic dancer was using instead of the toy attached to it.

And finally, the grand finale was a showstopper. Harley and Raven or drop dead gorgeous and went around the room to mingle before they began the show. This was a nice personal touch because it added more of an emotional draw to their performance. They interacted with each other as if they were teenagers exploring their sexuality for the first time. I’ve never seen anything so exotic and my life. Harley’s body was so perfect; I ended up doing things that I couldn’t tell my wife about. I’m confident you’ll have the same experience if you use Hunks and Babes for your next bachelor party in Virginia or any other city in the country.

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