Chicago Strippers For Hire

Why not hire Chicago strippers for your next bachelor party?

I live in a small town in Vermont and I love to travel. I went to UIC in Chicago and made a lot of friends there. Most of my college buddies were from Illinois and lived in the surrounding suburbs. One of my old roommates recently got hitched and is throwing his bachelor party in Chicago. He no longer has an apartment; he bought a house in Lincoln Park and is having his bachelor party there. His best man just completed his residency and is now reaping the financial rewards of a doctor’s salary. No expense was spared when ordering the hottest female Chicago strippers that money could afford.

I thought Rami was only an expert on the human body, but it turns out he is also an expert best man as he planned the perfect Chicago bachelor party. Most of the guys were on a budget and I spent a lot of money to travel to Chicago. Rami was ahead of the game when he decided to bring the strip club to home. All the guys saved so much money on drinks and cover charges; they had plenty of extra tipping money for the stripper extravaganza.

I was impressed with how beautiful the female strippers were that showed up to the party. I was impressed with our topless waitress came to serve drinks all night. Everyone kept asking her to strip completely naked, but she was just comfortable with her top off. I cannot believe this caliber of girls existed and were walking around unclothed in my friend’s house. I’ve been to other bachelor parties in New York and have not seen as good-looking girls as the ones I have seen that night in Chicago. I know two girl lesbian shows are very expensive also, and usually I only get to see one every once in a while. Good old Rami boy broke the bank it ordered the highest level stripping package the company had to offer. There were six strippers in total including a topless waitress, single strip show, and two fantasy shows. Chicago Strippers seem to be more intimate and in tune with each other or else the goals was to have been working together for a while because it seemed like they enjoyed what they were doing. I’ve been to other bachelor parties with fantasy shows that were put on just for guys to watch. My friends and I stood there with our jaws on the floor as his girls interacted with each other in a way that would make heaven seem like a disappointment.

I don’t mean to build up my experience too much because if you go to Chicago and order female strippers, you may or may not have the same experience that I had. My friend used Hunks and Babes to order the Chicago strippers and I recommend visiting their site to order the same girls.