Boston VIP Bachelorette Parties

My sister Jenny is all about having a great time. I was the lucky girl to be nominated as maid of honor. Jenny is a wild, eccentric free spirit who is all about having a good time. We live in an outlying suburb of Massachusetts, so we would have to travel downtown to throw one of the best Boston VIP bachelorette parties the city has ever seen!

I was lucky to have one of my friends already experience some of the other stripping agencies in Boston. I would say that she is a veteran girls-night-out party planner as she has ordered many Boston male strippers before. I started to get a little bit nervous when she told me five out of the six companies either had other male exotic dancers show up that were not the ones she picked out, or not show up at all. The last thing I wanted to do was invite all of Jenny’s best friends including my own and have no entertainment arrive. I did some research online and found an online company that specializes in Boston VIP bachelorette parties. I called Christy from Hunks and Babes Strippers and ordered two male hunks to perform at my sister’s bachelorette party.

PJ burst open the door with a military outfit on and grabbed Jenny to flip her over his shoulder. His outfit was hot and was perfect because Jenny’s fiancée is a Marine. TJ had a great personality with bulging muscles, great abs, and an unbelievable smile. All the girls gravitated towards PJ and ripped off his military uniform before he even had a chance to. I was slightly embarrassed by how crazy they girls were, but it seemed like he enjoyed it.

Garo came later that evening and did just as good of a job as PJ did. He was tall, dark, and extremely handsome with moves that came out of a dance book. Needless to say, everyone had a great time and was less expensive than renting out a bar like most Boston VIP bachelorette parties end up. The male dancers came straight to my home on time and allow us to drink our own alcohol. I would like to thank Christy for her perfect stripper recommendations and tell everyone how pleased I am with H&B Entertainment.