Bachelor Party in Chicago

I live in an apartment right near the heart of Chicago’s premier nightclub area. Rush and division Street is well known for having the wildest college style bachelor parties Illinois. My old college roommate recently got engaged and I was nominated to be best man at his wedding. This also meant that I am the designated party concierge to ensure that he and all of our friends would have an unbelievable night on the town.

There are many gentlemen’s clubs in Chicago that will be more than happy to host a phenomenal bachelor party such as the one I was planning. It was not too long after I found out that I would be putting together an ultimate Chicago bachelor party when I found out a few days later I was getting laid off from work. My optimism was constantly tested, but never defeated. My friends and I pooled our ideas together and synergistically create a blueprint for having a frugal bachelor party.

One of the most creative ideas my friend had was to volunteer his mom to be one of the strippers. I knew we had to save money, but we were not that desperate! Sadly enough I think my friends would enjoy her more than a young stripper in her early 20s. The best idea came from my friend Jake who recommended an online stripping agency called Hunks and Babes. I immediately went online to see that they had a special offer on two girl fantasy shows.

I ordered Chelsea and Jenna who are both drop-dead gorgeous and dressed really hot. They not only teased my New York college friend, involved all the other guys at the hottest bachelor party in Chicago. Nobody was allowed to take any pictures from that event, but the memories and stories will last a lifetime. Not only do we save a lot of money boycotting expensive strip clubs in Chicago, we had a better time with the two hottest female strippers in Chicago. Thanks guys for hooking me up!