Jasmin - GA

Employment as a Hot Female New York Stripper

Have you ever considered employment as a New York female stripper?

Hello everybody! I’m one of the female strippers that performs at bachelor parties in New York. My name is Spicey and I believe that I am one of the hottest female strippers in New York. Over the past few years I have worked for many different stripping agencies and gentleman’s clubs around New York and the surrounding boroughs. HBstrippers has offered me more than just empoyment, they have welcomed me into a family of trust and leadership. One of the biggest problems I’ve had working for other stripping agencies was that the owners of the other businesses I worked for kept threatening me and putting me into uncomfortable situations. I can tell you for sure that nobody is more organized than Hunks and Babes strippers, and they would never compromise my safety or integrity.

It is because of HBstrippers that I’m happy to go to work and make a living doing what I enjoy most- teasing men and giving them something to remember for the lifetime! I lost my job in the corporate world years ago before I started stripping and never went back. As a female stripper in New York, I have more free time and the ability to make as much money as I want to work. I now make more money in one week than I want an entire month working for someone else. I have a four year bachelor’s degree in general finance and I’m not disappointed in getting it because I can be a “plan B” in case I get injured or disfigured in an accident where I cannot strip anymore. I guess this is called stripper insurance.

I enjoyed exotic dancing since the day I got started dancing. I was on the pom-pom team in high school and loved performing in front of large audiences. I remember looking at the stands and watching all the smiling faces at me knowing that I put a smile on their face made me feel good. This has transitioned over into making guys smile and creating a memory that will hopefully last a lifetime. I work out six days a week and eat right so I can look good and play a fantasy role of the perfect woman that every guy wants. It is amusing to get all the attention as one of the most popular female ny strippers in the area. I have a lot of fun teasing the bachelors at their parties and appreciate New York Hunks and Babes for giving me this opportunity to continue my employment as a female stripper.