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Female Seattle Strippers For Bachelor Parties

Your favorite female stripper in Seattle

Hello! My name is Savannah and I work as one of the Seattle strippers from Hunks and Babes. There are many different stripping agencies and gentlemen’s clubs that I have worked for in and around Seattle area and I’m here to tell you that HBstrippers has given me the tools and training necessary to become one of the best female strippers in Washington State. The company I work for is large enough to have huge national marketing plans and organized enough to coordinate hundreds of strip shows each month. The female and male strippers at work for the company are very professional, in great shape, and provide entertainment beyond the industry-standard. There is no doubt in my mind that I work for an excellent company and when not want to work anywhere else.

I am a veteran exotic dancer and began working for Hunks and Babes about five years ago. During the day, I work as a secretary in a small office in Seattle. I have a four year bachelor’s degree in business and where professional attire at work. I strive to maintain an exciting lifestyle to balance both life and workplace’s daily stresses. I moved to Seattle a while ago from Dallas and was involved in my high school dance team as every girl in Texas did.  I know I have developed an addiction to the feeling I get performing in front of large crowds. College cheer leading was just the same for me except the crowds were a little smaller because I went to a private college that no one heard about. Dancing kept me in phenomenal shape, but the pressure of looking good finally came over me as I gave in to having cosmetic surgery. I went from a 32B to a full 32D within hours. Boys started to notice me a lot more and some of them started to pay me to show them my new babies. This is how I got started working in the industry and got a job at my first gentleman’s club after moving to Seattle.

Exotic dancing was a lot of fun (minus some creeps that came in on a regular basis) and the girls I worked with were very interesting. Seattle is not that big of a town and some nights were definitely slower than others, so that’s when I look into other opportunities and researched private party stripping companies. There were many to choose from, and it seems like my female coworkers were not too happy with most of the stripping agencies they were working for part-time. I feel like I was lucky to find Hunks and Babes, who has taken care of me ever since the day I joined.

I really had a lot more fun doing private strip shows. I was able to have more autonomy and received extra special attention from being the only female at the bachelor parties are performed at. I realized that I can make a lot more money doing more tricks that I cannot do at the gentlemen’s clubs in Seattle. I can interact with the guys in a setting that they are more comfortable with. It is a good thing that they drink their own alcohol because sometimes they get wasted and I get way more tips. I do get creative and wear my old Dallas cheerleader uniform to some strip shows. I love shopping and have about 30 different outfits including dominatrix, schoolgirl, in my tiny little race-car driver outfit. I love my job and have a lot of fun on the weekends. Working for Hunks and Babes with the other Seattle female strippers helps keep the balance of my otherwise boring life. I also benefit from the extra income to live like a spoiled princess.

You will not be disappointed if you order me for your next bachelor party or guys night out. Business has slowed down a little bit because of the economy but if you’re looking for hot female stripper in Seattle, please ask for me – Savannah.