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Vegas Strippers Outshine Them All


Vegas Strippers
Vegas Strippers

Vegas strippers know how to take the art of performing to a level unparalleled by any other town. These sexy girls have the looks, the talent, and the skills required to etch out the number one spot to come and see live strippers. You won’t find female dancers anywhere across the country that can compare to Vegas strippers.

I thought that I had seen it all when it came to female strippers. I had been to the biggest cities in the country, checked out local strip clubs and seen hundreds of girls perform. While each and every club obviously has a variety of girls of various degrees of talent and beauty, Vegas strippers seem to outshine them all.

My business finally took me to a trade show that was being hosted at a hotel in Vegas. I was pretty excited about the trip. I hadn’t been to Vegas in over a decade and was looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy some warm temperatures, gambling, and the nightlife.

I also was looking forward to checking out some of the strip clubs that had paved the way for a number of successful women in the adult industry.

Some of my favorite girls in the magazines had come from Vegas so I knew that the strippers there had to have something special. I planned on visiting a different club every night to take in all of the sights that this city had to offer.

There are three different factors in which I always rate my strippers: looks, talent, and skills. While every stripper has some combination of these three factors, only the best get high rankings in all of them. I’ve seen dozens of strippers that scored exceptionally high in one category but extremely low in another. For instance, the most beautiful strippers often can’t manage to work the pole and they do very little to work hard for those tips. But the girls that are average looking can spin upside down in the splits on that pole and are willing to show you everything that they’ve got for a twenty dollar bill.

Every city that I’ve visited and every strip club that I’ve been in, that is how it always seemed to work out. That all changed for me though when I went to Vegas. The first club that I walked into was full of gorgeous girls swinging from the poles and showcasing all of their skills. They were talented and beautiful! Let’s just say that I REALLY enjoyed myself that evening.

Even though I had an excellent experience the previous night I still wanted to test out the waters and try out a different strip club the following night and see what it had to offer. And it was the exact same thing, beautiful girls that knew how to work hard for their money. These girls were absolutely tremendous. Now I realized why all of the other cities failed in comparison, all of the elite strippers know to head over to Vegas.

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