Have a Midget Stripper For Your Next Bachelor Party

Most guys search and low for the hottest female strippers for their bachelor party. Why not step outside of the box in order a stripper your friend will never forget. Many parties have cliché skinny dancers with big boobs and soft tanned skin. You can still have these girls show up for entertainment, but why not warm up the crowd with a sensual performance by a girl one third of their size.

Midget strippers are comfortable with exploiting their gift for a specific price. These special performances are usually twice the price of a regular exotic dancer. The correct terminology to use is “little person stripper” so that no one would get offended. The dancers are highly trained in entertaining all types of groups by synergistically combining comic relief with shock entertainment.

The best way to trick your bachelor is to order two female exotic dancers to perform at the same time. One of the girls can be a regular dancer, and the other can be a midget stripper. You can have the guest of honor handcuffed to a chair while the first female exotic dancer approaches him and begins her lap dance. Have her slowly tie a large blindfold over his eyes and go into another room.

While the bachelor sits there blindfolded and eagerly waiting, have one of the hot midget strippers continue the lap dance. The pint-size entertainer can then remove the blindfold unveiling an unexpected surprise.

Both female dancers can then team up to give the bachelor a two girl fantasy show he never thought would be possible. This would also give you guys an unbelievable story that will definitely be talked about at the water cooler Monday morning. You can travel to Las Vegas or go to a gentlemen’s club, but nothing will prepare you for the wild experience you will have with a live female midget stripper from Hunks and Babes!