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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of strippers out there in the world that need to get on a treadmill or that should just throw in the towel altogether. There is nothing more disappointing than going to a bachelor party and getting all excited about seeing some hot strippers and when the girls arrive…they are not hot! I have been to several bachelor parties and been completely under whelmed by the quality of girls that showed up. Not only were they out of shape, but some of them had poor attitudes to boot.

An average looking girl with a snooty personality is not going to get me excited. And why would I want to part with my hard earned cash on a stripper when I wouldn’t even buy her a drink if I saw her out in the club. The whole point of hiring an exotic dancer is to have a gorgeous female show up at your party and entertain. If she is not hot then there is no excitement. And strippers should have outgoing personalities. When you are in the entertainment industry, you want to make sure that your people skills are top notch. Strippers that simply go through the motions without looking like they are having fun can be a killjoy at any party.

I always feel bad for the bachelor when he gets stuck with a fat stripper who can’t dance. You want your bachelor party to be a night that everyone remembers for a good reason. You want your friends to be talking about the hot strippers that you had for years to come. You want them to remember a special trick that she does, or how she stayed afterwards to take photographs with your group. You want your friends to leave knowing that they had a great time and that the stripper that you hired was everything you wanted her to be: sexy, sweet, and exciting.

Luckily, H & B Strippers is the one place that I can count on for hot strippers! They have a fantastic website that shows real photographs of all of the girls that they have working for them. These girls are legitimate strippers! They have fantastic bodies, gorgeous faces and some killer costumes. You won’t have to worry at all about being disappointed, in fact get ready to have your mind blown. H & B strippers are all about looking hot and having fun. And on top of it, they have awesome personalities. Every exotic dancer from that agency that I have met (and there have been quite a few) has been friendly, fun, and stimulating. If you are throwing a bachelor party, make sure that you check them out if you want to guarantee that you will be getting hot strippers at your party.

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