Female strippers for hire

Las Vegas Male Revue Show

Las Vegas Male Revue Show

I am a single and gorgeous female blonde. I turn heads when I walk into a bar and never have to pay for drinks. The guys I meet in clubs who have lots of money never spend time on their bodies so I just use them for their generosity. I recently found that if I want to meet the best looking men, I just take a trip Las Vegas!

That’s right; I have found that the hottest gentlemen work as Las Vegas male strippers. I like a man who is confident, good-looking, can carry a conversation, and most of all move his hard in chiseled body in ways a girl can only dream.  Vegas exotic dancers know how important it is to maintain a rock hard physique. I might go and see the Las Vegas male Revue shows even if the guys were not in the best shape, only because they dance so well!

I am a pushover for large biceps. My heart skips a beat every time I see the male exotic dancers step onstage. They start off slow and are fully dressed in their fancy suits. The Vegas dancers then separate and disperse into the audience only to grab the most outstanding volunteers. I’m always provocatively dressed so that they can spot me easily. Ken is a black dancer who might think has a crush on me. I let him know when I’m going to be in town and he always picked me out of the audience. He sits me in the hot seat and grinds his body until the audience started screaming his name.

Las Vegas is known for gentlemen’s clubs and strip clubs as far as the eye can see. I believe that the few strip clubs for women in Vegas far outweigh any of the gentleman’s clubs combined. Witnessing a Las Vegas male Revue show is a truly humbling experience. The guys that perform in the show will put to shame any other men you wanted to in your lifetime. I have considered moving to Nevada just for the chance to run into the guys on the street.