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Las Vegas Strippers Inspire a Bachelor Party Hangover

Hangover Stripper
Hangover Stripper

Visit Las Vegas to experience the hottest female strippers in the nation perform for your bachelor party.

The movie “Hangover” has been inspired by a culmination of true Vegas bachelor parties and urban legends involving female Las Vegas Strippers. None of my friends ever went to that white little chapel somewhere off the strip to commence a lifetime of joy with the Vegas show girl they just met hours ago. I did have one friend get ridiculously drunk and get a tattoo picture of a Rottweiler in his left calf. Now that summer is here, I burst out laughing every time I see his mutt’s face when he wears shorts. Hangovers are pretty bad, but nothing is worse than getting an unwanted tattoo or marriage.

Before most respectable gentlemen decide to commit themselves to one girl the rest of their lives, they party and live life as they were single by receiving extra special attention from the hottest female Las Vegas strippers that money can buy. The trip to Las Vegas inspires anticipatory fantasies which transcends into barbaric male actions that lead to the actualization of reality. Basically, it is just a great excuse to get drunk and act moronic. You might not be a good idea to bring a camera and create evidence that could be discovered by the fiancée unless you’re holding a grudge against the bachelor and need some ammo for blackmail.

You can always play it safe by touring all of the elaborate gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas. Sometimes by having a large group of guys, you’re able to negotiate cover charges and drink specials. The extra money that you saved could be spent on tipping the strippers so you can get a 60 minute lap dance rather than 10 minutes. Most bachelor parties in Las Vegas last for three days and two nights, so I’m keeping your best buddy completely wasted the whole time. Maybe if you give him enough alcohol, you’ll have some better stories then “The Hangover” to share with the rest of your friendship together.

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