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Male Strippers at a Birthday Party

It’s amazing how ordering a male stripper for your friend’s birthday party can lead to other adventurous plans.

I have wanted to hire some male strippers to put on a show for my best friend’s birthday party for quite some time. There is a lot of pressure to order a hot hunk that has the full package including looking good and a personable attitude. It would be easier to impress my friends if the male dancers were able to meet with me in person before they showed up at the party. I would love to interview each stripper and find out how they speak, if they have an accent or not, if they were born here in the US or if they came from another country, if they smell like a rotten bag of onions or a musky hunk releasing exotic pheromones. Girls have a lot of planning to do, and the anticipation to make sure everything goes smoothly for any type of party can get out of hand. There is huge embarrassment and ridicule from longtime friends if you round everyone up and have them bear witness to none escapable strip show put on by male stripper who knows nothing about hygiene or entertaining girls.

I have been fortunate enough that my girlfriends had endured amateur male strippers perform at different parties. They have told me never again to use certain unreliable stripping agencies. They made mistakes ordering from those adult entertainment companies so that I did not have to. Not only was one company highly recommended, it was recommended by multiple friends who did not even know each other. Apparently this online stripping agency has been in business long enough to weed out inexperienced male strippers so that only the crème de la crème of male hotness surmises.

Hunks and Babes Strippers is always a pleasure to work with and have never let me down. It started with my best friend’s birthday party and evolved into a ladies night out with all my girlfriends at least once a month. The website is one of the easiest to use and the staff always impresses me with their knowledge of parties and recommendations related to hotel bookings, travel, and other interesting ideas that synergistically create an entertaining party that your friends will thank you for throwing. Next time you have a party, you know who to call! Just be sure not to forget to invite me.

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