Stripper Costumes

stripper costumes
stripper costumes

With September here and October 31 around the corner, now is a good time to start planning your Halloween outfit. Many boys and girls decide to dress a little bit dirty one night of the year for fun. Most Halloween outfits look a lot like stripper costumes which leaves little to the imagination.

Male stripper costumes usually involve dressing in suits like gangsters or vampires. Vampires have a history of being seductive and good-looking. There are numerous films which portray vampires including glorious lives with multiple women desiring them. Role-playing this fantasy character is a great way to step into the lifestyle similar to that of a rock star. Some costumes are actually rock stars such as Gene Simmons from KISS or Justin Timberlake as himself. No matter what costume you choose to make your night special, you will be having the time of your life making fun of or staring at the best and worst costumes.

The most risqué stripper costumes are worn by the females. Girls have a wide range of choices to dress up for Halloween. Most girls do not even have to go to a special store to purchase a stripper costume because they have many articles of clothing in their closet such as the infamous schoolgirl stripper outfit. Another great idea for a costume would be to tie your hair back in a ponytail and wear a latex body suit with thigh-high fishnet stockings and platform shoes to compose a dominatrix stripper outfit. Naughty nurse strippers are common outfits to see so if you want to be different, you should use different products such as stethoscopes or specialty probes.

No matter what wild outfit you choose to wear, you will see plenty of stripper costumes that will outdo yours. You can be unique and create your own costume by purchasing something has innocent as a nun outfit and tear the bottoms off to make a miniskirt. Have a great time and let us know how your night went.