Becoming a Stripper for Hire

Forge Nerves of Steel

Stripper For HireBeginning your career as a stripper for hire will take more than courage and determination. You have to be able to get over any qualms about your physical appearance and not be affected mentally when other people judge you. Professional exotic dancers that have been entertaining for many years make the job look easy. Strippers who work inside of nightclubs or gentlemen’s clubs have bouncers that protect them and have regular customers who see them on a weekly basis. Familiar faces help elevate the comfort level of your occupation as a stripper.

Performing at private bachelor or bachelorette parties can be a little unnerving when every single party you entertain at will have new faces. There are various different types of crowds ranging from extremely conservative to the dangerously wild. You will have to draw the attention of a shy crowd by not overstepping their boundaries or invading their personal space as you will get a poor reaction and isolated from any reciprocity. You have to know your limits as to how far you will go for a party that is extremely wild and expects you to do strange things you never even thought of. You have to be willing to compromise or creatively come up with an alternative method to entertaining the overly wild group. Being completely prepared for each strip show will reduce stress.

Your Personality Shines

Obviously if you do not engage people in normal social situations such as bars, libraries, work, or school, then you will not do well as a stripper. Most strippers for hire are type A personalities or extroverts who easily participate in any of life’s situations. You have to be able to communicate with groups of people and acknowledge or interpret body language.  Veteran dancers can feel of vibe from particular audiences and adjust their strip show accordingly. Sometimes having a quick wit can diffuse a situation such as a simple misunderstanding that escalates to a problem.

Bring a Positive Attitude

Sailor Stripper CostumeSome of the busiest male and female strippers will perform an average of 4 to 5 strip shows on a Saturday night. It is imperative to maintain an upbeat attitude and perform each show as if it were your last one. Not every strip performance will go smoothly and if you have a bad party at the beginning of your night, you have to be able to sidestep your negative emotions and bring a positive energy to your next show.

You should be able to accommodate any reasonable requests from your customers. There have been ridiculous requests for stripper outfits such as Santa Claus, the Great Pumpkin, and even a sexy clown. It is highly advised never to complain or make fun of any customers’ fetish or fantasy. Instead, come up with a compromise and maybe incorporate an article of clothing that they provide to combine with your own costume. You will be surprised to find that customers may want you to wear only a certain color so you can wear your sexy dominatrix outfit with an orange scarf and satisfy their desire for a Halloween character.

You Must be a Hard Worker

Any job is going to expect you to put in 110% effort. Most jobs do not have your boss watching you the entire time you are working. As a stripper, your customers are watching you work including all of their friends. Any lackluster performance will be immediately identified by one or the entire group. Unfortunately, putting in your best performance does not guarantee generous tips. It is advised that you communicate with your customer before you begin your strip show to plan out any additional special tricks that cost more to be paid up front. If you’re going to allow pictures and get fully naked during your show, you should collect the extra fees these tricks cost before you begin.

Be Physically in Shape

Unless you plan on being a choosing a stripper with old photos posted on the site when the dancer was in shape and then having that same stripper show up to their house with 40 to 50 pounds of unsightly fat on them. It is important for you to maintain the same body symmetry or better than the photos you submitted to work as a stripper.

Have Impeccable Hygiene

Stripper HygieneIt is hard to believe this has to be covered, but some amateur strippers fail to complete the basics. There is a very small group of people like hair so please be sure your shaved smooth. Men should not have beards or mustaches, I guess this can apply to some women also, so just ask and listen to your friend’s advice. You must shower before working as a stripper and use antibacterial soap. Wear deodorant and bring extra deodorant with you so you can reapply in between shows or after you sweat a lot. Minor acne is okay but severe acne must be cleared up before working. In addition to being clean, it wouldn’t hurt to lightly spray perfume or cologne before your strip show commences.

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