If you ever had a stripper at your party, you know the critical components that need to come together to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. This checklist is laid out for you: from choosing the right stripping agency, ordering the best stripper, finding the perfect location, and balancing your party budget. Let’s get started!

You must order a stripper from a reputable stripping agency. The most reliable stripping agency in America today is Hunks and Babes. You can say goodbye to the fun factor when your stripper no-shows your best friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party. All of that time planning means nothing without ordering from a stripping agency that has experience to back you up. Now that you know the company you’re going to use, let’s go to the next step which is choosing a perfect sexy stripper.

The best way to choose the right stripper is to browse with the guest of honor’s interests in mind. You might choose the female stripper that can fit an entire mannequin arm inside of her, but your best friend might only like a sexy businesswoman that strips down to her lingerie only. Most strippers can adapt to the level of “dirty” required to make that party perfect. If you’re not sure, just talk to a staff member from Hunks and Babes and they will happily guide you. Some strippers use toys, whips, handcuffs, oil, special lighting, and props, and others do not. Do not be afraid to be specific on what you want your hot stripper to do. Make sure you clearly communicate your intentions to the stripper before he or she begins.

Finding your location of the party is just as important as choosing the right stripper. One of the best places to throw your party is at a hotel. Please notify the hotel director that you are having multiple guests and you may be a little loud. If you do not take this step, the hotel director will place you in a room between two other paying clients that will be using those rooms for sleeping. The guests who want to sleep will not appreciate your noise and call the front desk to notify them. The hotel then has the right to call the police and escort you and your party outside without a refund. You probably don’t want to yell “round two” when the real police officer comes to the door.

Your budget dictates the level of fun your guests will have. Not balancing your budget between boobs and booze can cause a busted party with sober dudes staring at the hottest female stripper money can buy. Scenery is not often a problem for bachelor parties – some of them are held in a best friend’s basement tiled with wrestling mats and towels serving as a stage for a three female stripper fantasy show. Bachelorette parties usually involve one very good-looking male stripper inside of a burlesque hotel suite.

All that is left now is to set the bait to hook your friends into attending. Try sending a bulk text or e-mail the night before the big strip show. This is a great way to remind everybody that you put a lot of time and effort into planning this event and should reduce no-shows. Most people do not order a stripper more frequently than when their best friend ties the knot. The importance of throwing the perfect party is highlighted by the fact that everything that happens on that night will be remembered for a lifetime. Do the right thing and order your next stripper from Hunks and Babes.