Learn Lap Dances For Fun

Teaching somebody how to striptease can be fun and interesting. You have to start off having the right kind of attitude. One who is fun and energetic will have an easier time performing lap dances. After enough practice, the comfort level of the person performing the lap dance will be high enough so that the confidence would exude through each rhythm and step. Choosing the right music to dance to makes a big difference when performing lap dances for someone special or groups of people. You need to feel the music deep in your body so that you move with rhythm and create a hypnotic motion. It helps to focus on the person you’re performing a lap dance for. You need to have a good …

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Choosing Stripper Names

Finding employment for an exotic dancer agency is easy. Exotic dancers have to have a great personality along with superb people skills. The hardest part is picking your identity through different stripper names. Once a stage name is chosen for yourself, that name is usually stuck with you for your entire career regardless of what agencies you transfer to or work for. Female stripper names usually involve flowers (Lily, Daisy, Rose) or fancy rocks (Crystal, Gem, Jade, Jewels). If you want something a little bit fancier, just use your middle name as your first name, and use the name of your street you live on at your last name. For example if your name is Jenny Marie Smith and you live on West Avenue, then …

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Finding the Perfect Bachelor Party Strippers

When you are looking to find bachelor party strippers there are a few simple steps that you should follow. You want to ensure that the party goes smoothly as planned and that the strippers are exactly what you were looking for. By taking the time to do some simple planning, your party will be something to talk about. Follow these steps below and you can be confident that your friend’s bachelor party will go down in the history books. First of all, only go through a reliable agency. You want to make sure that the company that you book your strippers through is legitimate. They should at least have a web page where you can browse through the strippers available. The more information that the …

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Las Vegas Strippers Are Highly Professional

Joe - FL

Las Vegas is the epicenter for bachelor parties. The most attractive female strippers work in the only place America has bachelor parties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most beautiful babes bare it all for a small cover charge or a comp-card from your hotel. Most dancers in Las Vegas get enough business in the line of work that they do. Vegas Showgirls have specific routines and dance numbers that they memorize and perform nightly with an encore performance on the weekends. Most showgirls and they just do not work as strippers because they are on stage seven nights a week. Female strippers in Nevada work there only profession because they might not be coordinated enough to become a showgirl. Any girl …

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Talented Female Strippers

Are you looking for female strippers to make your party unforgettable? Do you want to be entertained by the hottest girls in town? There is only one place to turn to when you want a guarantee that your stripper will be gorgeous, talented, and loads of fun. Hunks and Babes has established itself as the premier agency across the country for top notch entertainers to seek employment. These gorgeous guys and girls know that Hunks and Babes is a professional company that had built up a steady base of clients that have been more than satisfied with the company’s services. You want to book strippers from an agency that the strippers are excited to work for. Not all agencies are alike. There are some that …

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Make Your Party Fun With a Birthday Stripper

Lame and boring birthday parties will not be remembered. You need to do something different not only for the birthday boy, but for you and all your friends. A birthday party is the best excuse to have a hot exotic dancer show up and entertain everyone. Having a birthday stripper for your next party will guarantee more guys to show up and more guys having a great time. Modern birthday parties today involve heavy drinking at bars with drink specials. Nightclubs even offer free admission for all of your guests as long as you purchase a bottle at a special birthday discount price. This is a great idea if you want to save money and want to have a night no different than every other …

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The Best Strippers Chicago Has To Offer.

Kim - TX

If you are having a bachelor party in Chicago, you want a night that everybody will talk about in a good way. You want all of your friends to be praising your excellent job in choosing the most beautiful Chicago female strippers for the party. There is a lot of talent within Illinois they will be willing to put on an unbelievable show for your guests. The young girls who work for Hunks and Babes for not only in excellent shape, they have gorgeous faces and know how to get an audience excited. Guys talk about special tricks that the dancer did which you may never see again in your lifetime. These are the stories are only accomplished by ordering the hottest strippers Chicago has …

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Stripper Costumes

With September here and October 31 around the corner, now is a good time to start planning your Halloween outfit. Many boys and girls decide to dress a little bit dirty one night of the year for fun. Most Halloween outfits look a lot like stripper costumes which leaves little to the imagination. Male stripper costumes usually involve dressing in suits like gangsters or vampires. Vampires have a history of being seductive and good-looking. There are numerous films which portray vampires including glorious lives with multiple women desiring them. Role-playing this fantasy character is a great way to step into the lifestyle similar to that of a rock star. Some costumes are actually rock stars such as Gene Simmons from KISS or Justin Timberlake as …

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I Like Hot Chicago Men

Jasmin - GA

The City Of Chicago is home to some of the greatest restaurants and sports teams in the nation. Our city has prominently made its niche amongst other urban metropolises. We have the Sears Tower, the Chicago Bears, the best hot dogs, and we are also home to the hottest male dancers alive. Chicago male strippers are by far the best entertainers across the country. If you think that all male strippers are alike, you are completely mistaken. The boys from Chicago know how to put on a show. Chicago men know the importance of keeping their bodies in shape. They work out hard to make sure that their abs are defined and that their arms are strong and muscular. These boys know how to make …

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Now is a Great Time to Seek Employment as a Stripper.

Pokahontas - GA

Besides living in one of the most turbulent economic times that our country has faced, there are many good opportunities such as pursuing cash careers that arise from the ashes of financial destruction. One of the best opportunities to earn cash working part-time is to become a stripper. Thousands of bachelor parties across the nation need to be entertained by gorgeous female strippers. Female exotic dancers, male strippers, and strip clubs generate a billion-dollar a year industry. You should capitalize on the high demand for quality entertainment and apply online to reputable stripping agencies such as Hunks and Babes strippers. Male strippers can earn upwards of hundreds of dollars on a weekend night. Female strippers earn between $1500 and $2000 on a busy weekend whether …

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