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Choosing Stripper Names

stripper names
stripper names

Finding employment for an exotic dancer agency is easy. Exotic dancers have to have a great personality along with superb people skills. The hardest part is picking your identity through different stripper names. Once a stage name is chosen for yourself, that name is usually stuck with you for your entire career regardless of what agencies you transfer to or work for.

Female stripper names usually involve flowers (Lily, Daisy, Rose) or fancy rocks (Crystal, Gem, Jade, Jewels). If you want something a little bit fancier, just use your middle name as your first name, and use the name of your street you live on at your last name. For example if your name is Jenny Marie Smith and you live on West Avenue, then your stage name will be Marie West. Your name is like a tattoo so be sure to pick something that means something to you. Exotic dancers choose the first names of famous movie stars that are popular like Christina or Britney.

Male stripper names are either very masculine or boyish like Tommy, Bobby, Jimmy, or Frankie. Try to stay away from choosing a stripper name that sounds a lot like you belong as an employee on American gladiators. Buzz or Thunder might work as a nickname as a brute or quick football player, but not for a good-looking male stripper with a professional demeanor.

Having a stripper name that fits you will help impress your image on to your clients which will help them remember you easier. Having a name that not even you can pronounce (let alone spell) will be devastating for repeat business. A simple name is easier passed around to other prospecting clients who will use your services in the future. Choosing ethnic stripper names will most likely get you more work for that ethnicity. Exotic dancer the station names like Maria, José, or Sebastian get more work from the Spanish community than dancers that do not have Latino names.

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