Hot Strippers Perform in Male Strip Shows

Traveling blues? Visit your local male strip shows. I am a very successful single business woman and I love to spend my money and have a great time. One of the best and worst parts of my job is that I get to travel a lot. Traveling puts a damper on my ability to develop a serious relationship. I have found the best way to take my mind off of things is try to catch some of the best-known male strip shows in the country. Some of the small towns do not have as good as male revue shows were not as great quality of male strippers who perform at them. Of course, the larger cities have more people and therefore have a better quality of …

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Atlanta Strippers

Looking to throw a hot bachelorette party with male strippers in Atlanta? My friends recently had a bachelorette party in Georgia and had some hot male strippers in Atlanta “swing by” to entertain everyone. I have no other parties to compare to, but my girlfriends were so wild and I cannot believe what they did with the four male exotic dancers that we had. Two of the four hunks got completely naked and my friend Jennifer was getting smacked in the face with a certain male appendage. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life or have seen anything so awkwardly amusing live. The type of tricks that were performed at this bachelorette party should have been filmed and sent to America’s funniest home videos. …

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Female Strippers in Los Angeles

Are you throwing a bachelor party in LA? To some it may be a daunting task to organize a bachelor party for your best friend. It should be an honor to be chosen as the best man, but sometimes the stress of throwing the perfect party can be overwhelming and place a burden on your pocketbook. Hot female Los Angeles strippers should not be too hard to come by thanks to an online stripping agency called Hunks and Babes strippers. Los Angeles strippers are probably second hottest on the West Coast compared to their neighboring Las Vegas strippers who are brutally professional and perfect in every sense. You can order regular female strippers from LA and save a few bucks, but the more experienced and gorgeous …

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A Hot Chicago Male Stripper in my Hotel Room

Do not hesitate to order a male dancer for your bachelorette party in Chicago Here it is, six months later and I’m still talking about that night when Angel performed at my friend’s bachelorette party. Angel was a well-built Chicago male stripper who had a lot of experience and knew how to entertain the group of girls including myself. I’ve been to other bachelorette parties where multiple male Chicago strippers were ordered for a stripperpalooza style party. Most of the time you only get one hot male stripper from the group of dancers ordered and it is not worth the money ordering more than two. The night began with all of us girls playing games at Amy’s house while taking shots of Yeager and downing …

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Hot Female Strippers in Boston Will Help You Relax

Pokahontas - GA

Bored? Why not order some hot female Boston strippers? If you are stressed out and live in Boston, there is a perfect way to relax after a hard days work. A group of my coworkers started going out every weekend to local bars and having a guys night out where we can complain about management and release everything from our minds. It was not too long after going to the bars that we had a brilliant idea to move our after-hours meetings to each others houses in order some hot Boston strippers. Our weekend tradition evolved mainly because of the rising costs of alcohol and decline in income because of this wicked economy. All of the guys were saving so much money purchasing alcohol from …

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Chicago Strippers For Hire

Why not hire Chicago strippers for your next bachelor party? I live in a small town in Vermont and I love to travel. I went to UIC in Chicago and made a lot of friends there. Most of my college buddies were from Illinois and lived in the surrounding suburbs. One of my old roommates recently got hitched and is throwing his bachelor party in Chicago. He no longer has an apartment; he bought a house in Lincoln Park and is having his bachelor party there. His best man just completed his residency and is now reaping the financial rewards of a doctor’s salary. No expense was spared when ordering the hottest female Chicago strippers that money could afford. I thought Rami was only an …

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Employment as a Hot Female New York Stripper

Jasmin - GA

Have you ever considered employment as a New York female stripper? Hello everybody! I’m one of the female strippers that performs at bachelor parties in New York. My name is Spicey and I believe that I am one of the hottest female strippers in New York. Over the past few years I have worked for many different stripping agencies and gentleman’s clubs around New York and the surrounding boroughs. HBstrippers has offered me more than just empoyment, they have welcomed me into a family of trust and leadership. One of the biggest problems I’ve had working for other stripping agencies was that the owners of the other businesses I worked for kept threatening me and putting me into uncomfortable situations. I can tell you for …

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Las Vegas Strippers and Showgirls in the 2009 Economy

Las Vegas strippers in today’s economy Female exotic dancers in Las Vegas are some of the best trained in the nation: they are truly the classiest group of women strippers in the world. Because of our economic times right now, some of the Las Vegas showgirls now work part-time as female strippers and cocktail waitresses instead of bars and nightclubs. It is normal for female las vegas strippers who work in the adult entertainment industry via showgirls, strippers, exotic dancers, topless waitresses, cocktail waitresses, or even inside tacky nickel peep show booths end up making a six figure income in cash- even in the 2009 economy. Before you quit your day job, don’t forget that none of this income is reported so I comes time to get a loan …

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LA Male Strippers in California

Joe - FL

Los Angeles male strippers will make your bachelorette party hot! I had a great time at my friend’s bachelorette party only because my friend ordered hot male dancers from Hunks and Babes strippers. With such a huge population, you would think it would be easy to find experienced Los Angeles strippers to perform at a party, but choices are slim when you narrow down the options of guys that you want to have show up to your party. Vanessa told me that she used Hunks and Babes only because one of her friends used the same stripping agency to order LA male strippers for a girl’s night out. The party was really successful despite the fact that we had a very late start around one …

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Male Strippers in New York

Female strippers and exotic dancers

NY male strippers do more than perform male revue shows. Some of the world’s best male dancers come from New York. New York is considered one of the nation’s biggest melting pots including all races and ethnicities. Male strippers in New York are highly trained professionals who love to entertain and make a lot of money doing it. Most female nightclubs offer male revue shows every day of the week. Not only are male strippers in ny athletic and have well toned bodies, there are also very well coordinated and to put on extravagant dance routines. More often than not, ny male strippers party on a more regular basis than any other dancers in the nation. This is partly due to the fact that they …

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