A Hot Chicago Male Stripper in my Hotel Room

Do not hesitate to order a male dancer for your bachelorette party in Chicago

Here it is, six months later and I’m still talking about that night when Angel performed at my friend’s bachelorette party. Angel was a well-built Chicago male stripper who had a lot of experience and knew how to entertain the group of girls including myself. I’ve been to other bachelorette parties where multiple male Chicago strippers were ordered for a stripperpalooza style party. Most of the time you only get one hot male stripper from the group of dancers ordered and it is not worth the money ordering more than two.

The night began with all of us girls playing games at Amy’s house while taking shots of Yeager and downing apple martinis as if they were bottled water. None of us paced ourselves and were pretty much drunk before we stepped onto the trolley which chartered us from bar to bar in Chicago. There was an ample supply of bars and nightclubs in Chicago, so it was very difficult to choose which ones to go to. The Chicago trolley was a lot like a limo bus except it had very large windows which were open so that all of the drunk passengers can shout out rude comments to anyone we drive by.

I think we had dinner reservations for Foca De Chow in downtown Chicago, but we never made it! The girls and I kept drinking straight through the night until we wound up back at the Drake Hotel. It was not too long after we arrived at a gorgeous cop knocked on the door and was going to write a citation for loud noise coming from our room. The cop turned out to be one of the hot male dancers employed by Hunks and Babes strippers. I’m glad we had a camera to take a picture of all the girls’ faces when Angel took his shirt off.

I am trying to round up the same group of girls that we had that night for my friend’s bachelorette party and order Angel again so we can see if use is really good as we remember him sober.

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