California Stripper Dreams in Los Angeles

Female Los Angeles Strippers Search For The Gold Star

Most people move to Hollywood thinking that someone will discover them and they will become a huge star. Some Los Angeles strippers came to California with that exact dream. Many of the gorgeous females that audition for movies, commercials, or any other venue to make a big, still have to work to make ends meet. These ‘future models’ prefer exposing their naked bodies to customers or potential agents who might scout them rather than flip burgers at the local food court. Some very successful movie stars were discovered two gentlemen’s clubs or even adult films. Sylvester Stallone began his career on film as an adult movie maker before you recognized him as Rambo.

The amateur girl-gone-exotic-dancers never attain their gold star on Hollywood Boulevard, but they do make perfect strippers. In the plastic surgery epicenter of the world, enhanced body parts will turn heads and create memories that will last a lifetime. Sometimes the female strippers in Los Angeles get a little bit too carried away and get breasts larger than the body can handle. One stripper named Gina had cosmetic surgery to get a size 36FF, but her body frame was only 110 pounds. This only lasted a month after all of the comments she received from her customers. She really did look like she belonged in a circus. If she ever fell out a window, she would definitely fall headfirst.

Chrissy Lee ended up modeling for Playboy and still continued to be a stripper. She makes more money as an exotic dancer now because of her official title, and makes special appearances at certain Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York strip clubs. She was discovered at a local bar when she was go-go dancing. She was approached by a Hollywood agent who experienced her talent. I guess one of the side benefits of being a Los Angeles talent scout is the abundance of extracurricular activities.

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