Connecticut Strippers in New England

I Love Connecticut Strippers

Ok, so it is time to debunk the unpleasant myths about Connecticut. Yes, we might be one of the smallest states in the country with historical ties to Puritanical New England, and yes our state’s streets are lined with pristine colonials adorned with white picket fences. But, our state’s stodgy and conservative reputation needs to end right there. The nightlife in Connecticut is just as wild and thrilling as any other major city across the country. There is no need to have to travel to New York or Boston if you are looking for a good time. There are plenty of sexy female Connecticut strippers and these girls are wholesome and fresh just like the sizzling hot girl next door.

I’ve went to strip clubs in both Boston and New York. People seem to think that you have to travel a little further into the more famous cities to find premium entertainment. However, I’ve found that those strip clubs were overrated and that the best party is occurring right in my own backyard. Exotic dancers from some neighboring metropolitan areas are more concerned with business and less concerned with having a good time. They are too serious, and it takes all the fun out of watching them. But Hartford female strippers seem like a bunch of girls that are looking to break away from the monotony of day to day life and just have some fun. There is nothing wrong with having a smoking hot body and wanting to share it with some guys that are willing to pay to see and enjoy it. They are good girls with an untamed wild side.

And if that isn’t enough of a reason to convince you to check out the gentlemen’s clubs in Connecticut, let me tell you that a hundred bucks can get you way more attention from Connecticut strippers compared to dancers in New York. If you go to a big city club, those girls won’t even give you the time of a day when you are holding up a few singles. But the Connecticut strippers are fun and easy-going and are happy to do tricks for a dollar. You will have a way better experience, spend a lot less money, and have a much shorter drive home late at night.

I prefer the female strippers in Connecticut by far. They are much more playful and they seem to actually enjoy their job. The girls are charming and sweet and they make the entire experience awesome. I know a lot of people may think that Connecticut is stuffy and boring, but if you visit a local strip club you will get an eye-full of sexy girls with big breasts and perky asses…and that hardly sounds boring to me!