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Connecticut Exotic Dancers

Connecticut Exotic Dancers

Traveling to New England can be cumbersome at times. Luckily enough for me I have a contact to get the best two girl fantasy show at the Yankee Pedlar Inn.

I was hooked on these two New England female entertainers about three years back when I was invited to a bachelor party late one spring. I enjoy girls who stay in shape and have an enormously well endowed figure. Nadia is one of the bustiest Connecticut exotic dancers I’ve ever seen. She is beautiful and naughty because of her many tattoos and piercings. Her show is so incredible, I see her once a year when I travel to the New England states for business.

I just recently began to order her partner Grace were they perform lap dances together. They also interact with each other in ways you can only imagine. I used to be addicted to watching adult movies and wasted countless hours seen the same thing over and over again. When you get alive striptease performance, your senses are overwhelmed with the added sounds and smells of two hot female performers.

I know these two CT exotic dancers know what they’re doing because I always pay hundreds of dollars to see them. The two girl strippers did not want me to videotape them because they might not get repeated business from me. Rest assured, I do enjoy the company and touch of beautiful female strippers so they will be sure to empty my wallet every time. I sometimes travel to Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, none of which have the same quality of adult entertainment like Connecticut has. I highly recommend you order the two Connecticut strippers that I order once a year.