Exotic Dancers For Males and Females

What exactly does it take to become an excellent exotic dancer?

Some people think it is all about looks, but it is most definitely all about personality. Looks might get you the job, but it is attitude, finesse and personality that drives your business. Many people get into stripping because of hard financial times. It is the reason why people become exotic dancers that is the most important thing for carrying the dancers through a complicated intermediary phase.

Many strippers who first get into the industry find there are many personal physical and mental obstacles to face while completely exposing you to the public. Training usually consists of applicants traveling with veteran strippers and learning what to do by watching. Some find that it is a natural gift to entertain large groups of males and females, while others cowered away in horror as their first experience as a female or male dancer went wrong and was embarrassing.

Female strippers who stick with the business and are able to maintain their body shape and skin tone in the making and upwards of $1500-$2000 a Saturday night performing a private birthday or bachelor parties. Male dancers are quite limited as to the month of money they can make per show because of the limited physical requirements that female strippers have the ability to exploit for extra cash. No strippers usually collect the majority of their money up front including extra money paid for photos and going completely nude as opposed to dancing in a thong or g- string.

Becoming an exotic dancer is hard to get into because there is fear of what other people may think of you. Veteran strippers and highly experienced exotic dancers know the importance of looks and developing their skills by joining gyms and taking dance classes. In the 2009 economy, many people are looking for other means of financial support in which the best solution would be to become an exotic dancer.

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