Sexy Fantasy Strippers in New York

New York Fantasy Strippers

I’m a pretty open-minded and uninhibited girl, so when my fiancé suggested to me that we should have a combined bachelor-bachelorette party; I agreed that it would be a great idea. We live in New York so we figured that there would be many options to explore. We thought about having it at some of the night clubs, or perhaps at one of the female strip clubs but we decided that we wanted something more intimate and comfortable. The two of us finally agreed that we wanted to throw our own private party with some sexy New York Strippers.

We rented a VIP suite at a hotel downtown and invited our entire bridal party and a few other close friends. A friend of mine recommended a company called Hunks and Babes for the entertainment. I went to their website and I was pretty excited about the selection of female strippers in the New York area. I figured that this party was a great opportunity to give in to one of my own fantasies, which was to watch female strippers. And then I saw that they offered a two girl fantasy show, I didn’t even know that those kinds of parties existed. I’ve always appreciated fine-looking women, and was excited to pick up some new tricks. It sounded like a great idea to me, and when I told my fiancée, he was pretty eager to book the show. We went online together and browsed through the girls that were available to do the special show. We settled upon Erika and Maria.

The two girl show was unforgettable. Maria and Erika were ridiculously hot and incredibly talented. It was definitely a no holds barred kind of show. The girls played well with each other, but they also brought different elements to the show individually. And I have to say, this fantasy show must have the two hottest female strippers in New York. They were in excellent physical shape and unbelievably flexible. I think that having the two girls there worked out perfectly. They each spent some one on one time with the members of the audience, then with the bride and groom, and then some intimate time with each other…

Thank you Hunks and Babes for being an innovative, exciting, and professional company to work with. And thanks for employing some of the hottest and most entertaining strippers in the ‘Big Apple’. I will have to order the New York Male strippers to see if they are just as entertaining as the girls. You guys made our party incredible; our friends are still talking about it two months later!