Chicago Chi-Town Style Stripper Party

Party in the Windy City with hot female strippers.

My best friend from high school was being deployed to Iraq and I wanted to throw him a party before he left. But I didn’t want this to be just a regular, run of the mill party, I wanted it to be something extraordinary. My friend and I had played football in high school and we still hung out with a large group of other guys that were on our team. He was a stand out athlete and a great leader. When he enlisted in the army, we couldn’t have been more proud of him. I wanted to plan something for our group that would be a lot of fun and a great opportunity for all of us buys to have one last hurrah. We were a tight-knit group that liked to have a good time together.

chicago female strippers
chicago female strippers

One of our friends suggested a golf outing, but I was looking for something that would be a lot more memorable. And that’s when my other friend interjected and said, “If you want something memorable, I suggest you check out this web-site.” He directed me to a website featuring hot Chicago female strippers. I liked they way he was thinking. While going golfing would be a good time, I wanted to give my boy a great time.

What better way to send off our boy across the ocean into the desert than to throw him a party with some of our country’s finest ladies? I could not think of anything better. I searched through the Chicago female strippers on the web-site and I have to be honest, I had a hard time picking just one girl. They were all good-looking and fit. There were a ton of girls to choose from. They had blondes that looked like the girl next door and sexy brunettes that looked like they had an exciting wild side. There were so many great options that I decided that we needed several Chicago female strippers to make sure that our party was spectacular.

I figured since all of us guys each had our own personal taste, that I should get a few different girls that would suit our individual tastes. I was always a fan of the mysterious sexy brunettes; there was something about them that always got me excited. My friend that was being deployed was always a fan of busty blondes and I had no problem finding a girl to fit that bill. I booked the girls online and it could not have been easier. My friends and I were really looking forward to the party.

The girls that showed up the night of our bash were absolutely amazing. They wore red, white, and blue bras and panties that were totally hot! These girls were incredibly patriotic, loads of fun, and they gave our boy a night that he will remember forever.