Top Three Tips Hiring New York Exotic Dancers

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a birthday party or a bachelor party, understanding the reasons and facts when hiring New York exotic dancers will ensure a smooth process and happy customers.

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The next three tips will give you advice as to how to order a female or male exotic dancer without any trouble.

1. Order from a well-known New York agency

Have you been to a bachelor party without New York exotic dancers showing up? Have you had entertainers arrive more than a few hours late? All of these annoying problems can be avoided when using a proper stripping agency that has a reputation for providing the service they say they will offer. Using substandard stripping agencies to order adult entertainment leads to stress, loss of money, and ultimately ruining everyone’s night. A very simple way to research the company is to type in the agency’s name along with the word review to get a list of testimonials or reviews on that agency.

I know it takes a little bit more time and is a little extra work to type in another search besides you looking at hot bodies online. These extra few minutes will pay off by avoiding the pitfalls many have experienced ordering strippers for the first time. Your disappointment can be avoided along with other serious problems by spending a few minutes to research the company you are doing business with. There are customers who have used the same service and are more than happy to share with you their opinions of how they did. Please be careful that not all reviews may be honest as competitors write good reviews about themselves and bad reviews about the competition.

2. Order your exotic dancers as far in advance as possible

Most bachelorette parties do not need this tip reiterated, but any procrastinating guy needs to know how critical it is to order your exotic dancer at least one week ahead of time. Not only will you receive a B list stripper, you may not even get a stripper at all. All of the great strippers have their schedules filled up on the most requested times which are Saturday nights around 9 PM. If you do find yourself ordering entertainment at the last minute, try to have your party during the weekday when it is less busy. The further ahead you plan, the better choice of strippers you will have an more entertaining your party will be.

One other perk that booking your dancers a few weeks in advance is that you take the pressure off of yourself early on so you can enjoy the party. There many facets of bachelor and bachelorette parties that need attention and checking off everything on your list before that event will make sure you have a clear head handle anything that comes your way. Please be responsible for your friends and provide transportation or a place to stay if there is lots of drinking involved.

3. Do not be afraid to get specific with your requests

No matter how unreasonable you think your request is, please be sure to communicate your expectations with the stripping agency you choose. And maybe awkward for you to talk over the phone what exactly a two girl fantasy show entails but is very common to the employee on the other end of the phone. You may have an idea of how exotic dancers interact with each other during the performance, but this may be completely different than what actually happens. If you want a cowboy or NYC cop stripper to spank the guest of honor really hard, you need to have this in your instructions. Your guest of honor may be shy and may only want a topless striptease. Mixing up these two personality types can be disastrous and destroy the evening mood very quickly.

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Reputable stripping agency will be more than happy to fulfill any odd or unusual requests in order to make your party event a great memory. You’re better off finding out over the phone that they cannot accommodate you than be surprised at the door.

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