Chicago Strippers Wild Lesbian Strip Shows

Female strippers in Chicago give the best strip shows

I have never seen a lesbian strip show until I went to a private Chicago bachelor party. Chicago Strippers are the most untamed and wild exhibitionists I have ever seen. Jenna and Chelsea were smoking hot female strippers who not only looked good, but were also in phenomenal shape. The girls actually knew what to do with each other as they interacted in sync with the music and introduced elements unique to the industry.

I have been to other bachelor parties that had nasty strippers with stretch marks or “cottage-cheese” thighs. It’s too bad those other stripping agencies don’t provide refunds for sending grandma as an exotic dancer. I guess quoting “our exotic dancers have experience” is the politically correct way of letting you know that the female strippers working there do not know the maximum age to retire. Ms. March of 1969 might not be as hot at your bachelor party in March 2009. Hygiene is also very important. Having smooth, tan, firm skin are all logical ways to have your skin appear. There is one girl, and probably the only girl in the nation that did not follow this guideline. On top of smelling funny, Heidi look like she had Don King’s head emerging from her crotch. She would have been a cute Connecticut stripper if she discovered the technology of a razor (or a chainsaw).

I guess you have to go through a few bad stripper experiences to appreciate the good ones. After witnessing what Chelsea and Jenna did in Chicago, I will never order a single female stripper again. It is 10 times more entertaining to watch two female strippers get into each other than to watch a solo toy show. My buddy Jeff was lucky to participate in the two girl fantasy show and I think it’s changed his outlook on life. Throw away your Prozac meds and save money by ordering a female stripper fantasy show in Chicago.