Tips How to Make Your Stripper Stay Longer at Your Party

One of the most important things is to be friendly and treat your entertainer with respect.

Friendly StrippersStarting off on the wrong foot, miscommunication, or insulting the dancer sends a bad vibe that can permeate into the show. Avoid this by researching the party location and determining whether or not you can have adult entertainment there. Some major cities like Chicago, Portland, and Raleigh require bottoms andor pasties to be worn by all entertainers in a public establishment.

Noise complaints are a common reason hotel parties get canceled early. If you want extended party hours, be sure to tell the hotel manager that you need a room far away from other guests see do not disturb them. Sometimes hotels may offer a special private party room which will give you more space for the dancer to perform. If the dancer does not feel cramped and has ample space to perform in a comfortable environment, there will be apt to stay longer. Since we’re on the topic of comfort stripper, it is always best to have carpeting rather than a hard floor because dancers get on their knees for specific tricks. Even though dancers bring their own adult paraphernalia and may be helpful to have a few spare clean towels, whipped cream, and prepared shots of alcohol.

A male stripper in Chicago has shared his thoughts with Hunks & Babes on friendly customers.  “When I walk into a room of smiling girls who are cheering for me before I start, it motivates me to perform my best.”

Try to schedule him or her as late as possible.

It may be difficult to know your strippers schedule for the evening, but the later you have your bachelorette or bachelor party entertainment, the better. This could be a double-edged sword because the dancer may have other shows before yours that could make them late. If this happens, you may be able to make a case to bargain with a stripper to make them stay longer because they were so late to your party. The dancer should not have an excuse to leave your party early because they will be done for the night after your show. Offering liquor after the dancer’s performance will help create a relaxing situation after a hard day’s work.

One New York female stripper commented on her night “I just wanted to drink and hangout after working all night while I watched everyone else party hard.”

The most obvious is to give extra money and tips.

Tip Your StripperAside from the usual charges before the strip show begins (pictures, fully nude, etc.) be sure to also tip extra during the performance. Most female strippers will save their dirtiest tricks for $20’s and will collect more for a super trick usually performed for the guest of honor. If the above methods do not work to help your dancer stay longer at your party, you can always be up front with them and asked how much it would take for them to spend the rest of the evening with your group of friends.

“I was packed up and ready to leave the party when a random guest tipped me an extra $100 to stay 15 minutes longer and ended up staying over 2 more hours!” – said one of our most requested stripper in New Jersey.

Sometimes a little hospitality goes a long way.

Most parties will have an overabundance of food and will have more guests drink than eat so offer your stripper something to eat! You entertainer may have had many shows in the long night without eating and will be obliged to your generous offer all-you-can-eat party food. You put in your stripper into a reciprocal position to stay and entertain your guests. Do not do anything creepy like suggest sex or a ‘free massage’ in a separate room. Strippers are not escorts and will be offended with your offer. Simply being genuine and sincere to your stripper will make them feel welcomed and not want to leave.

Prep your guests to get involved.

Relax Your Party GuestsAudience participation is a sure fire way to keep your stripper busy and they will have to stay. It is a lot easier for an exotic dancer to perform their services when everyone gets involved. On the contrary, guests who are shy and do not participate in the festivities do not make for a great show and drags on the routine of the dancer. If you do think you have non-active guests, be sure to get them a little liquored up by playing drinking games which involves your friends taking shots of alcohol before your dancer arrives. This will help loosen them up so they volunteer to sit in the hot seat and get lap dances from private strippers without any hesitation. Just like fishing, you can bait. Your guests with dollar bills stuffed into areas of their body they wish the stripper to engage in.

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